Human civilization is solely built on our ability to engineer tools that get work done efficiently. A lot of the things that we can do these days are as a result of people using their knowledge and creativity to help them accomplish tasks that are deemed impossible. There are very many ways to get things done, but there are some tools that people should always have near them at all times. Many people waste a lot of money hiring services to have minor things fixed for them, with the tools below, one can be sure to fix most of their problems, with very little effort.

The tools that everyone should have

Screwdriver settools

Necessary, you should always have screwdrivers set with you. Sometimes, most of our gadgets get minor issues that don’t need geniuses to fix them. For instance, say a pocket FM radio falls in water, you do not need to have a qualified electrician to fix it. All that someone needs is to have a pair of screwdrivers, open the pocket radio and leave it open maybe outside and wait for it to dry. All in all, make sure you get yourself a screwdriver set as soon as possible.

Tape measure

A good tape measure will save you in a lot of situations. Often we find yourself trying to describe the size of something, or simply trying to fit in things in the spaces of our homes. With a tape measure, one can just measure a given space, then buy whatever furniture they want based on the measurements. No need to be stressed by the furniture not being able to fit.


A hammer is very useful on many occasions, especially at home. There are those times that you notice some rogue nails maybe at the side of your bed. Rather than have a professional come and have it sorted out, just use your hammer to hammer it back into place and save yourself a couple of bucks.

Duct tape

Well if you already don’t hatapeve this, then you have serious problems. There a very many scenario that one can use the services of a good duct tape. For example, when moving, you can use it to secure the packages or even hold a window that has just been broke. The uses of duct tape are endless and you should get several if you don’t have them.